The Language Academy - Kieliakatemia

The Language Academy is based in beautiful private grounds, with facilities dotted around a nationally recognised arboretum.

The campus includes a Folk High School as well as a University of Applied Sciences. We are able to use the facilities of these institutions, including a language laboratory for in-depth analysis and practice of pronunciation, listening and spoken communication. The  classrooms all have up-to-date multi-media facilities and there are modern computer rooms in various parts of the Academy.

The Academy has been involved in teaching languages for many decades and has specialized in English for well over 30 years. All of our English teachers are highly skilled and experienced practitioners, with many years of teaching English,  not only in Finland but also across Europe, as well as in Asia and the Americas. Some of our teachers are also involved in teaching courses for the Open Universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä. These cover all aspects of English and particularly English for Special Purposes, such as Business English and Academic English.

grounds in autumn